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    Unwanted vertical text and large colored shapes in PageMaker


      I am updating our catalog, created in PM 6.5. While I was editing some excel tables in excel the PM file some how got messed up. There are large colored shapes across the document so I can't see what's on the page. When I print the page it looks fine but I can't see what I am working on! Also, the text suddenly is running vertically, 1 letter wide, instead of in horizontal paragraphs. If I place the cursor in the text and right click and go to paragraphs and then click ok on the paragraph dialog box it usually fixes the text even though I haven't made any setting changes, but this is a little time consuming to do for every bit on text on every page. Sometimes this doesn't fix the problem and I have to close the program and re-open it and continue. Any suggestions as to what could have caused these problems or how to fix them? Right now I am semi-able to work around it but it's annoying to have to continuously close and re-open the program to get the colored shapes to go away and/or be able to fix the paragraph alignment.