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    Even Keyframe spacing


      I have a composition in which my keyframes are too close to each other making my clip way too fast. I researched online a method and it said that when you right click on a keyframe and click on "Keyframe Interpolation", than go to "Rove Across Time" it spreads out the keyframes. I tried that on my keyframes and while it does spread them out,my camera movements go all out of wack. I want to evenly spread out the keyframes while keeping the same camera motion and not changing the position of anything. How can I go about this?







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          not sure what you're trying to achieve. Just evening out keyframes rarely ever resolves such issues and as you already found out, you can't have one without the other. Fatherly advise of the day: Remove your keyframes, start over from scratch. These things simply take time to learn.