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    Need help creating Layer Comps from my Snapshots


      I need help creating layer comps from my snapshots.


      I understand that this issue has been discussed before between Christian Davideck and Zeno Bokor in another post and that Zeno solved the problem for Christian. However, the "Correct" answer posted in that discussion is not working for me for the same reasons- the layer comps keep dissappearing- so I need to re-open the discussion.


      I have a bunch of snapshots listed in a document. When I select one (the bottom/most recent one, as Zeno offered) and create a Layer Comp from it, the layer comp file appears in the layer comp window as well as in the history. However, when I go to select the next snapshot so that I can save a layer comp for this version, the first layer comp I created is gone... obviously retired because I have selected a previous historical snapshot.


      Is there anyway that these layer comps can be kept separately from the history? Or is there another way to accomplish the same task: I need to save these snapshot versions and would like to be able to save them within this one file rather than saving 10 different files for each version.


      Thanks for your help,