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    Linking a TOC to pages in CS6

    mentlity Level 1

      I was looking at a tutorial for doing this but it explains having a floating TOC and it is linking text only. I need to take the TOC in an .indd file and link the text to each page for an interactive pdf.







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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Isn't that what ToC does already? Down in the bottom left side, you tick on the switch for Create PDF Bookmarks.

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            mentlity Level 1

            This is one of the cases I say to myself duh! As I'm used to creating E pubs and already linked .indd files and never had to link from scratch. I did look at tutorials for this but the ones I saw are either ctreating the TOC from scratch using the styles and I've seen linking text to text but nothing on linking a paragraph to a page.


            Sorry for being a bit anal her.



            i'll reply once I know I got it to work.



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              mentlity Level 1

              Ok sorry again for being anal, I need to know how to actually link the text of the TOC to the page. I do see where it says create pdf bookmarks.





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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Check the box, export (with the box to include bookmarks checked), open PDF....

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                  mentlity Level 1

                  I understand how to add the styles to the TOC panel, choose export for pdf but the text I need to have interact is in an already created text field listed like this


                  chapter one....................7

                  chapter two....................9


                  I need to know how to link OR IS IT bookmark?


                  thanks again abit confusing with all the choices.



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    If you select Create PDF Bookmarks when you make the TOC, they will be there inthePDF when you export, as long as you chhose to include them during export. That's all there is to it.

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                      mentlity Level 1

                      Ok, let me explain a bit further, I already have two pages of text that are supposed to be the TOC, done and in the .indd already, the TOC is listed like this:


                      chapter one....................7

                      chapter two....................9


                      here is what I did

                      selected the two text boxes ( TOC text spans two pages)

                      selected Layout , TOC

                      added the style of the TOC text to the menu


                      the dialogue box

                      entry syle

                      No page number

                      level 1

                      create pdf bookmarks is checked


                      Then hit OK


                      I get the place text on the cursor, I can now do two things


                      just save as is or delete the existing text on the page and replace with the cursor text and save.


                      If I do not replace the text the saved pdf has no links

                      but if I delete and replace the text THEN save and convert to an interactive pdf I get a cursor but I know see a number 4 is added to the text and when I rollover the chapter text I get the cursor but no linking. The number 4 is the page the TOC starts on which leads me to believe that each bookmark is set to page 4 am I right?


                      how do I fix this?





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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Where did this first TOC come from?


                        It sounds to me like you need to delete it (and probably the frames that contained it, if it was created using ID's TOC module). Once it is gone, generate the new TOC and place it wherever you like.

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                          mentlity Level 1

                          I cannot believe I'm still trying to do this. The table of contents procedures are easy to understand but in this case I'm working with a file that was done by someone else. I went ahead and did a test package which contains 11 pages a set of fonts and the modified .indd file. I'm not looking for someone to do this for me, I'm just lookling to understand how to proceed with what I have as I explained before there is a table of contents ( just in text form)  and bookmarks for the pages ( this mixes me up) and besides the paragraph styles are in another language which was not a problem for me as when you click on a style it still shows up blue. I had tried to add the styles of the TOC text inside the dialogue box but I was getting the number of the page added to the text in some cases and the links only going to that number page which happened to be page 5



                          The zip file is on my server, its very small and I would appreciate if someone can have a look inside as all I want to do is the following:


                          have the Table Of Contents on pages 4 and 5 be able to link to their respective pages in an interactive pdf


                          I'm having trouble doing this and it could be for various reasons.




                          http://dagwaremedia.com/TOC_BookmarjkTest Folder.zip

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                            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                            Your Table of Contents was not generated through the TOC function/process, it was manually created, and manually created TOCs do not have links automatically generated for a PDF. There is a TOC that is created, but is not used in the table contents. And for this one to work correctly, I had to export IDML first, then open and export.

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                              mentlity Level 1

                              Ok thanks for that so now that leaves how to do this correctly. Now do I create the TOC styles in the TOC panel, then delete the original TOC and replace with the newly generated file from the cursor text?



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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                I'm looking at the sample file....


                                The existing TOC is probably typed by hand. I can't find any sort of cross-refernces or other features that would make it auto-update, and ID does not think it's a TOC, so it's probably useless (I can't read it) EXCEPT as a formatting guide.


                                I think your mistake was in reading the styles used inside the existing "TOC" and trying to use those to build the real thing. Those styles are not the styles you want to pick up, but rather are the styles that have been applied to the text inside the TOC. You need to look at examples of waht has been included, find that text in the book, and check the style applied there. THAT'S the style you need to include, and then you apply the style used in the existing list to those entries.


                                If you are not able to read this language, I suggest that you should not be doing the job. I say this because it is evident to me that the orignal assignment of styles is not set up properly to create the TOC if you expect a replication of what is there. I'm seeing additional entries from page 1 that probably don't belong, which means that text should either be restyled with a duplicate style that has a different name or you need to delete them manually from the TOC after generation, and at least one listing that is a single line in the original is coming in as two entries in the ID generated list.


                                Beyond that, if I remove what's there now (I just moved it to the pasteboard) and use ID's TOC to build a new list, the bookmarks are properly included in an exported PDF.

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                                  mentlity Level 1

                                  Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this, so let me understand:


                                  there are teo styles that make up the text / original TOC


                                  I should select those styles Rename and or create new ones.


                                  Add those to the new generated TOC delete the old or FOR NOW put the new TOC on a blank page within the doc to see if it works.





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                                    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                                    For a TOC, you need to have a paragraph style that will be used exclusively for TOC entries. In your document: page 7 "Att vara en livskonstnär" is applied the style "Rubrik 1 Kapitel". But there is additional text applied this style and will be placed within the TOC. Once you have TOC entries styled correctly, go to Layout > Table of Contents. You want to select the correct style and add to the left column. Note: you can add more than one style. Then select the style the entry will be formatted. More Options button will allow additional formatting of the TOC. Once completed, you will have a loaded text cursor that you will flow onto the appropiate page.

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                                      mentlity Level 1

                                      Ok here is what I did,


                                      made new styles out of the text in the old toc

                                      used one style for now


                                      made sure all the toc text is now re named to the new style


                                      went to the TOC menu, added the style on the left


                                      got the cursor wuth the new text


                                      went to a blank page in the doc and pasted the new text


                                      the text copied fine


                                      saved the doc, created an interactive pdf


                                      when I go to the links in the new TOC they only go to one page


                                      pdf is here as I'm still confused about that. as this doc only has 11 pages so the links should go to the proper pages up to page 11 right?


                                      HERE IS THE LINK TO THE INTERACTIVE PDF I GENERATED.



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                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                        No, not really.


                                        ID's TOC goes through your file and adds listings for any paragraph that was tagged with one of the styles you include. You have the option of using the same paragraph style for the listing in the TOC (not usually waht you want), or applying anew style to that text inside the TOC itself by picking a new paragraph style in the dropdown labeled Entry Style (If you don't see all the fields, click the More Options button):

                                        TOC Setup.png


                                        The suggestion that you need to rename a style isn't that the style needs a new name, its that there is other text in the publication that has one of the styles you want to include assigned to it, so it also is appearing in the TOC. This is caused by a lack of planning or poor understanding of how to build a TOC on the part of the designer who set up the file originally.


                                        I've been palying a bit more, and things might be a bit worse than I originally thought. The excess listings are from the title page, and all of the text on that page has a single style applied, then modified using local formatting, instead of setting up styles for those paragargraphs. That style is also used for all the level 1 headings Some of which are broken across multiple lines now as separate paragraphs which is what makes the extra listings for waht should be single lines), which you do seem to want to include, so the proper thing to do is create, and apply, new styles for the text on the title page (or remove the styles completly from that text, which is done by selecting the text and choosing Break Link to Style from the Paragraph Styles panel flyout menu).


                                        Also included in the existing TOC seems to be a chapter title of some sort that is in the header on the master page. That will not get pulled in unless you override the frame that contains it onto the document page, and it looks to me like the intent is to have only the first occurrence of that text in each section included. An alternative to overriding the master frame is to add a new frame onthe page, make it non-printing, and add the text you want to include (and I'd use s differnt paragraph style made just for that).


                                        There are level tow headings of some sort on some of the pages that don't seem to be included in the TOC, but I can't tell for sure if there are any other styles that should be included since your sample only goes to page 11 and I can't check the referenced text on other pages.

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                                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                          OK we cross-posted here. It seems pretty clear that you didn't understand what I was saying earlier about the existing TOC. You cannot use it to make new bookmarks and it has absolutley no value to you other than as a reference tool. You can use it to find the text in the book, then check the style that is applied to that text -- on the page in the book where it appears. That style is one that you now want to include in the TOC. Now look at the style applied to that line in the reference TOC and use that as the style you will apply to listings from from the style you just added to the TOC by chossing it in the Listing Style dropdown.


                                          The problem with your new TOC is you made and applied styles to the listings in the old TOC. Those styles don't appear in the book, only in the old TOC, so that's waht the new bookmarks point to.

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                                            mentlity Level 1

                                            Understanding a bit more now but here is where I think I'm getting confused, I understand that if I take a style and create paragraphs with that style , include the style in the TOC once converted to an interactive pdf the links in the TOC should go to any paragraph with that style?  Hold that thought for a moment. What I want to achieve is just to have each line of text in the TOC go to the PAGE Number associated with the chapter, not the paragraph style. this is where I'm confused.


                                            So this line in the TOC

                                            chapter 1 ..................................7


                                            should go to page 7


                                            chapter 2...................................10

                                            needs to go to page 10





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                                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                              That's exactly what should be happening if you do this right. Click an entry in your TOC and the PDF should switch to that page. Did you try this?

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                                                mentlity Level 1

                                                Yes, if you look at the pdf I posted you will see the links all go to one page which is where ther old TOC is so I understand that. The styles of the paragraphs pn the pages are the same style thrupught the chapters sopart of my confusion is how will the link know what page to fgo to if the same paragraph style is on multiple pages. Wouldn't make sense for the orignal designer to give each chapters paragraph differnt styles when all the text is the same. So my problem is I need to link to each page not the paragraph style which is confusing me so let me try this:


                                                I go to the old TOC, delete and copy elsewhere as a reference.

                                                save the doc WITHOUT the old TOC, now from this point on please explain as this should clear me up from here , I hope.


                                                AS far as I see ALL the bookmarks are already done, how would I go about linking the text in a new TOC to the pages or the bookmarks/



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                                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                  The bookmarks go to the page on which each listing is found in the document, not the TOC page itself.


                                                  Once the old TOC is gone, go to Layout > Table of Contents....


                                                  In that dialog add the styles for those things you want to list in your new TOC (and check the add bookmark box), then assign any new styles to the listings and do other formatting tasks if you need to (basically go through the whole dialog for each style you are going to add). When you click OK ID will give you a loaded cursor with your TOC story. Click where you want it. Export to PDF and see where the bookmarks take you.

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                                                    mentlity Level 1

                                                    Excellent! It worked, finally understand this. Much thatnks for taking the time to explain this, just a quick style edit and I'm done.


                                                    Thx again!



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                                                      mentlity Level 1

                                                      OK All the links now work but I have one more question. In the attached is a screen shot of the new TOC, The TOC is made up of two styles which it picked up and displays but as you can see in two sentences there is the weird space. It has to do with the TOC displaying style, so in the style panel what do I look for that will remove the spacing. This is happeneing when there are alot of characters.


                                                      Any help?


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                                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                        That's the justification settings in the style. Change it to left aligned.

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                                                          mentlity Level 1

                                                          Actually, I just used the delete button and added the proper spacing and that wiorked too.