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    Interactive pdf: Can I hide a required text field so it is no longer required when submitting?

    kurt klein

      Does InDesign support the scenario to allow me to "hide" a field marked as "required" so it is no longer required to submit a form?


      I am creating an interactive PDF form in InDesign CS6. This form uses buttons to show or hide text fields that are required.


      An example of this is a Yes/No question with radio buttons. "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?" If the user selects Yes, then a required text field is shown to the user telling her to explain the conviction. If the user selects No, then the required text field is HIDDEN and is considered to be no longer required for submitting the form.


      I'm having trouble when I "submit" the form with required fields that are hidden. The form warns me "At least one required field was empty."


      (BTW- I did find the known defect where InDesign allows submitting a form when required fields are left empty. "Clearing" the form in Acrobat and saving did fix this issue. (Acrobat: Tools>Forms>More Form Options>Clear Form)