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    Basic onRelease/Frame Name

      I'm fairly new to CS3 and haven't messed with any of it's settings. I've had to relearn a bit so bear with me. I'm building an fla using onRelease and frame names to navigate. The concept is simple, yet my code doesn't work. I'm clearly doing something wrong and a kind kick in the right direction would greatly help me.

      Here is the code - all instance/frame names accounted for:

      homebtn_mc.onRelease() = function() {

      photosbtn_mc.onRelease() = function() {

      vectorbtn_mc.onRelease() = function() {

      webbtn_mc.onRelease() = function() {


      I suppose I should use gotoAndStop, but I'm more concerned withg etting *ANY* of this code to work.
      The validator says it's fine, yet when I publish I am fed error 1105. What gives? :0)