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    Removing Lens Flare Effect


      How do I remove the lens flare effect that I applied to text in my design?

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          fr4nk13xx Level 3

          depends if you still have the psd


          can you post up the graphic?


          If you do not have the psd saurce file, then you in for a lot of work depending on how bad the background is

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            Mustang813 Level 1

            Yea I still have the psd. The background is currently black but I want to change it to white, which is why I want to remove the flare. I just can't figure out how to remove it. I was thinking about using the patch tool but I'm not sure if that would work.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Is it all pixels, or do you have things in layers?  I think that was the basis of Frank's question.  If, for example, you have the lens flare in a layer, mixed with those below with e.g., Screen blending, then you'd just be able to shut off that layer by clicking the eyeball icon (making the layer invisible). 


              If you rasterized everything and rendered the lens flare in pixels, well, then you probably need to re-render the text in the portions of the image where the effect.


              There is no magic "remove flare from pixels" tool.



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                fr4nk13xx Level 3

                any chance we can see what you have?


                I mean if the effect is on the text layer, then can not you simply replace hte layer with the same text / font but no effect?