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    Header items not exporting to PDF in CS4

    Jephotog Level 1

      I am creating a checklist in In-design to be exported to a PDF for use on an IPAD.  I have created a group of four boxes that I have made into buttons that are linked to individual pages to act as a navigation bar.  This nav bar are on the top of each master page.  The nav bar shows up throughout all the pages in In-design, however when I try exporting it the nav bar does not show up in PDFs.  I have tried a number of fixes: shrink the nav bar to ensure it does not overlap the page edge, dropped it down so it is not near the top of the page, moved it to an upper layer.  Nothing has worked.  At this point I have determined my 11 page checklist does not need a navigation bar but I am wanting to solve this for future larger checklists.