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    Printed Index

    D. Stewart
      At this time printed material is my immediate goal and web help is second. I have tried to create a detailed index but although printed is my first consideration, in the TOC I have linked books to topics, typically an overview of the topic. Although this works great for the on-line version it presents a difficulty in the printed version. I end up with something like this in the TOC:

      Linked Topic To Book (Topic1)
      Topic2 Under Book
      Topic3 Under Book

      What I would like to see is this:
      Topic1 Under Book
      Topic2 Under Book
      Topic3 Under Book

      I can of course change the online TOC to meet my objective but I would like to see if there is a dual option to achieve both without making changes.

      Thanks in advance
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          D. Stewart Level 1
          In this question the second topic 1,2, and 3 should be indented one level.
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            I have had similar problems with books linked to topics. Have you tried fixing this in the Generate Printed Doc wizard? The Content page allows you to make a separate print doc TOC, using the online TOC as a starting point. Changes to the print doc TOC are saved in the Printed Doc layout, not the TOC tab.

            One gimmick on that page is a check box for Maintain HTML Levels. If all your topic titles have the same HTML style, this will iron out the indent differences - but it might do so by un-indenting everything! ;)

            Bottom line - do some experimenting with the Generate wizard. And good luck!

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              D. Stewart Level 1
              Thanks for the advice. I found that if I turned of the HTML topics option in the print wizard the TOC seemed to be okay. I appreciate your comments and ideas though, I think they may be useful as I muddle along. Thanks again