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    Create New Document with Profile and Multiple/Named Layers

    ryan.marchese Level 1

      I'm VERY new to scripting (basically trying to teach myself) and I've already hit a roadblock. I can't figure out the proper commands to fill out and complete the script below. What I am trying to do is:


      - Create a new document using one of the Profile presets (or have the New Document dialogue open so I could select the profile, size and bleed)

      - Make 3 layers, each with a diferent name

      - Create a rectangle the size of the artboard on the bottom layer, with a swatch stroke and no fill

      - Create a rectangle the size of the bleed on the middle layer, with no stroke or fill


      Like I said, I haven't gotten far at all. I've read through the basic scripting guides and I'm just not understanding all of the language needed to string things together.




      tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


        make new document


                set topLayer to make new layer ¬

                          at beginning of document 1 with properties {name:"Vector"}


                set bottomLayer to make new layer ¬

                          at end of document 1 with properties {name:"Through Cut"}


      end tell