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    epub - table of contents -  entire book in each section??


      greetings all.

      I'm at wits end... I'm producing an ebook in cs4 and when I output it to epub and check it in adobe digital edition, the entire book shows in each and every section/after each document.


      I have tried to export it as one continuous document and I'm having the same issue.


      so, after each and every place in the book I've applied paragraph styles, upon export, after each section, the entire book shows.

      If I click on a section, that section will appear at the point in the book it should, along with the rest of the book.


      what could be wrong?


      I've taken notes, followed the tutorials, and have tried every combination of fixes I can think of… I've now exported this epub/book 37 times and have not found a fix.


      any help would be greatly appreciated.