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    Problems typing in Notes panel?


      Working in an InDesign/InCopy CS6 workflow (InDesign 8.0.1, designer and editor on Macs) and we're having issues typing in the Notes panel. My editor has created some notes in InCopy. I check out a story in InDesign and try to either add to her note or create a new note, but can't type more than a single character in the Notes panel without InDesign jumping back to the main story. We've had this on and off for a couple of versions now. Doesn't seem to be specific to this project either. Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance!


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          Mary Posner Level 3

          In my experience, it's been related to font issues, and usually to auto-activation of fonts. Check that all the  fonts your document is calling for are loaded and available. If a font is truly not available, auto-activation keeps sending out calls to activate something it doesn't have access to, which is interfering with the Notes panel. You may also see problems when trying to enter anything in measurement fields, etc.


          As for a fix.... Either get the offending font or replace it in the misbehaving documents, and/or turn off auto activation. That last may be a painful fix, especially for your editor, but manually activating fonts is preferable to not being able to work in Notes, or accidentally entering copy into your live text that you didn't mean to. (Especially after you start getting frustrated and start typing some not-nice things.... )


          Just out of curiosity, is this K4, Woodwing or something else?