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    Converting pictures


      The software I have ended up converting RAW pictures into tiffs

      They need to go on a web site and that will only accept jpegs

      Adobe v9 will not convert the tiffs to jpegs

      I started taking screen shots but I've got too many and some have come out either too large or too small so I need to keep repeating the action for the same picture and altering the quality so the outcome will either be larger or smaller pictures


      I've tried to downlaod Adobe elements version 11 to see if I need to buy it

      It appears to have installed but then the only opions to open appears to be the full version

      I don't know what else to try


      I have an iMac that is running Mountain Lion (the latest version)


      Close to throwing it all through the window

      Too many wasted hours

      Too many tears trying to achieve and failing again



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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Camera RAW forum.


          JemmaKay most manufacturers who utilize the Camera RAW format usually include a utility to convert and use those files.  You may want to look at the software which came with your camera as a possible solution.


          Other users in this forum may have additional suggestions.  It would be beneficial though if we know which Adobe Creative software and version which you currently have available to you?  Also which camera is producing these RAW images?

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            RASouthworth Level 3

            You can convert your images in the included Mac program Preview, using Export off of the File menu.


            Richard Southworth

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              JemmaKay Level 1

              I am an amteur photographer for an Amateur Dramatic company

              When I take the Front of House pictures the stage lighting produces many different colours


              I used my Canon 600D to take RAW & jpeg pictures

              I was in a rush as I take the pictures at the Dress the night before then I need to sort & print & get them to the theatre before the audience arrives

              When I inserted the cd that came with my newish Canon camera, the Mac software didn't seem to load properly

              I downloaded some software from the internet

              I didn't have time other than to simpley click a button and hey presto the programme gave me better colours



              I'm rushing now as I need to get to the Amateur Dramatics with the jpeg pics on a memory stick so someone can put them on our web page

              There is an 'umbrella' organisation that puts a lot of other Am Dram pictures as well as ours on their web site (he will have to wait)


              I should have left about 8-30pm & I've not quite finished so, thank you so much for your reply

              I will check this site either on my return or after I've been to the gym tomorrow


              What you've said has been very helpful

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                JemmaKay Level 1

                The 'export' was greyed out


                It might have been because the pics were 16 bit

                I tried something else tonight a box told me that I needed to convert the pics to 8 bits, which I did

                Now it appears I can re-save the tiffs as jpegs


                Thanks any way


                will catch up later