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    Epub Table of Contents formatting issue in iBooks

    1993 M



      I followed a helpful Lynda.com tutorial about using TOC (table of contents) styles in CS5.


      Everything has worked out fine, but for some reason, the paragraphs that I set as "level 1" in the TOC always appear in Times New Roman font when viewed on Apple devices (using the iBook app). I've looked into the css template, and for that particular paragraph style, I had styled it with "Adobe Caslon Pro"; serif. It doesn't seem to matter what font I change that style to; the level 1 TOC headings always appear in Times new roman. Even if I go in iBooks and toggle the different pre-loaded fonts there (such as Seravek, Palatino, etc.), everything else changes to match that font EXCEPT the level 1 TOC headings.


      Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here? I just want the level 1 TOC headings to use the same font as whatever the reader has selected.


      By the way, I have tested this in ADE and this problem doesn't occur. I haven't tested this on other readers besides apple devices.