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    "Proceed to Checkout" in the wrong currency


      Hi there,


      I have developed a form and have chosen to link our PayPal account in order to receive payments online.  However, the currency used for this defaults to USD even though my PayPal account is set up for CAD.  Can this be changed?  Everything on my PayPal account is set up for Canada. PayPal says the problem lies with Adobe, so I'm hoping there's a setting that I can change to fix this.  Otherwise, this will not work out for us

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          Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

          Hello tdykstra,


          Just so that I understand what you are looking for, is the issue that you change your currency to CAD, and the change doesn't "stick", or are you looking for guidance on how to change currency?


          If the issue is the latter, and you want to know how to set the currency for the form, then you can find the setting in the Options under "Language and Formatting".  Just pick the desired currency symbol (in this case, "$ (CAD)").


          If the issue is the former, and you've tried changing the currency but it doesn't "stick", then could you please email me a link to your form so that I can investigate?


          Thank you, and I hope this helped,