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    Remove "Warning: JavaScript" from Custom Calculation in Stamp


      I have been given stamp pdf files to deploy to our organization but they would also like to remove the the JavaScript warning from the pop-dialog box.  We are copying the 3 files to users %AppData% directory instead of C:\Program Files to target specific users. Any help on removing this warning would be greatly appreciated. Telling the users to ignore the warning is not an option


      We are currently using Acrobat Pro 10.1.6




      The code for the custom calculation is:


      var cAsk = "Enter Exhibit Number" ;
      var cTitle = "Exhibit Number:  ";
      if(event.source.forReal && (event.source.stampName == "#KI7VVJe_vFweTyp9GoPhWC"))
        var cMsg = app.response(cAsk, cTitle);
        event.value = cMsg;
        event.source.source.info.exhibit = cMsg;