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    Having problem w/ PSE 8, activation

    walt.atwood@gmail.com Level 1

      Recently, my aging MacBook Pro (2,2) died suddenly. The logic board must've given out.


      I bought a refurbished late-2012 iMac from Apple direct. Since the MBP was so old, and the iMac was essentially brand-new, I had to make sure everything transferring over and worked.


      I had a technician-friend extract the MacBook Pro's hard drive and I used Apple's Setup Assistant to transfer over everything, including the user folder and the applications.


      Then I ran into trouble with PSE 8. It kept telling me that I had to deactiviate the software on every other machine before I could launch it on this one.


      According to other discussions in this forum, PSE 8 is the last version with Adobe Bridge included. Therefore, I do not want to upgrade to a newer version of PSE.


      I tried un-installing and re-insalling PSE 8 on my refurbished iMac from the Adobe installation disc, but it had problems with Bridge and other things. It gives me the same trolling "Sorry we can't activate" song and dance.


      All the data transferred over flawlessly from the (recovered) hard drive to the iMac. MS Office, my e-mail, keychain, etc. work fine.


      I need to know what to do about PSE 8.



      MacBook Pro 2,2 (2.33 GHz Core2Duo, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD)

      MacOS 10.6.8.



      Refurbished iMac (2.9 GHz Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, USB Apple SuperDrive))

      MacOS 10.8.