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    Video Playback is still not satisfactory after major computer upgrade.


      I had been using premiere pro cs6 with my computer which had 6gb of ram and a nvidia Geforce GTS 220 graphics card and an intel 17 processor. But whenever I used a GPU accelerated effect the render bar turned red and the video played back was choppy in full resolution. I had the latest drivers and GPU acceleration was on.


      So I decided to upgrade. I bought more ram and a new graphics card.


      Current Specs:


      Dell XPS 9000/435t Computer


      Intel Core i7 920 Processor\

      EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti with 2gb of memory

      18GB of RAM (4 sticks of 4GB and 2 sticks of 1GB)


      Running Production Premium CS6


      After the uprgrade, I updated the drivers, used the trick to edit the .txt file so premiere could see my graphics card and it worked.


      Now I have 18 GB or Ram and had Mercury playback GPU acceleration ON.


      I put warp stabililer on an AVCHD clip from a Panasonic HMC150 and when I played it back, it was fine for the first few seconds of the clip, but the got choppy again...What a dissapointment.


      I expected ZERO issues, ecspecially with the graphics card I got. Sure, its no Quadro 6000 (although i've heard the Quadro cards are overrated and overpriced.) but I should still be getting great preformance with this card!


      I have all the latest drivers, gpu acceleration was on, but I'm really not seeing any MAJOR improvements from my previous setup apart from the fact that the ray traced 3d setting in after effects works much better and the video card doesn't crash anymore when it's turned on. AND it runs WAAY cooler than my previous card which idled at around 53 celcius (according to MSI Afterburner). Now, (according to MSI Afterburner) the new card idles at a constant 30 celcius . GPU usage according to MSI Afterburner stays at around 38 percent even when exporting from Premiere.



      Any suggestions?