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    Submit button customised




      How do I add a "submit" type button that adds the completed form (which has been sent by email as a pdf to a client) as an attachment on a new email to a specified email address?


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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Are you collecting data via FormsCentral or you just distribute a PDF and want people to send the PDF back to you once completed via a button on the form (and you will tabulate the data manually)?


          If you are using FormsCentral to collect your data then we do not supprt sending a PDF in the email notification (Option tab > Email Notification). You can turn on email notification in the Option tab if you have a paid account but you won't get PDF attachments.


          If you are just creating a PDF with a FormsCentral submit button (because you don't want to collect the data via FormsCentral) then you can add a Submit button in Acrobat that will submit the PDF to an email address. This is more complicated as you will need to add a submit button manually to your form and add some javascript to the button (see http://answers.acrobatusers.com/doc-mailDoc-This-function-sends-entire-PDF-file-mail-attac hment-q6546.aspx). FormsCentral will not be collecting data for you in this scenario.


          Hope this helps