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    Content management using Adobe XMP


      Hey everyone. A task we are pursuing right now is figuring out the best way to organize an evergreen folder for our media - music, footage, stock stuff, etc.


      I really like how XMP embeds metadata into our footage, making it easy to log in Prelude and edit in Premiere. However, I haven't found a good solution for using this data to help find and access the footage.


      The pie-in-the-sky hope is that there is a program or feature in a current program that lets me just search for a project title and location (for example), and quickly finds every clip on our NAS that has XMP metadata matching these parameters. Once I find those clips and import them into Premiere for a new project, the comment markers, transcription markers, etc. are still there, in the XMP metadata.


      Is there anything out there that can do anything remotely like this? Or workflow tips that you can think of to help us as we organize our stuff.


      I appreciate any help you can give.