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    Rotoscoping Tips & Tricks - Struggling


      Hey guys,


      Found some great advice on here the other day and proceeded to watch a number of tutorial videos on Rotoscoping. However, after about 10 hours in AE CS5, I'm pretty much where I started. Practically all of the tutorials I've found focus around cutting out real people that are hardly moving. I realize I've set my sights a little high for my first attempt at this but I'm convinced I'll do it eventually.


      I'd really appreciate it if you grabbed the clip, it's only 4 seconds long: http://www.filedropper.com/smite2013-03-2622-56-18-55


      Basically I want to cut-out the character and stuff that appears (cloud, feathers etc). Everything that moves I want taken out so that I can replace the background and such. However, everytime I use the Rotobrush tool I have to edit frame by frame and even after going through the entire scene, stuff goes wrong. It totally changes for no reason or adds totally different textures into the roto'd area.


      Are there any other techniques I could try? Or maybe some other software? (preferably cheap )