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    InDesign 5 - Transparent objects change colour when PDF/X


      So I have this brochure that has suddenly taken on a life of its own.

      When I pdf/x the cyan blue with an opacity of 25 changes to a deeper blue and the shadows of some lettering change to pinker shades but only on my computer it seems as when someone else in my work place opens the pdf, the colours all come out correct.

      However if I change the transperency blend space from CMYK to RGB and pdf it just as a high quality pdf the colours come out accurate on my screen

      This is driving me crazy and I started fiddling with the colour settings and profiles which hasn't helped (possibly made things worse) as I wasn't really sure what I was doing.

      Also in a moment of desperation, I uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign which didn't fix it.

      Relatively new to InDesign and am hating that I can't figure this out!


      This is on a Windows 7 computer


      Please help.