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    Crashes after updating last Flash Player version :(


      I've updated  my Acer 7720G with Nvidia GeForce 9300m G and W7 64 bit  (Firefox) with last Flash Player's version: when i closed video (played with Flash), Flash Player and video card's drivers, both, crashed. Till I don't use command bottons it works perfectly, but if I use a botton like "pause", or "rewind", or "close all the windows", etc. they crash.  Then the only solution is reinstalling Windows because it's like Flash Player modifies basic impostation of video card: infact also the bios screen doesn't work with notebook's display, but only with an external screen (even if I try to do the things you suggested in the forum). If I reinstall W7 the  video card works on the notebook's display too, but the problem  reappears just reinstall Flash Player (after playing a video like I said before). What should I do? May you help me, please? Thank You