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    What access do my "Business Owner" admins have?

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      We built a BC site for a very difficult client.

      It was hard to get paid and we don't want to work with them anymore.


      It looks like their site is locked to our Partner Portal though, and we have no ability to "hand over the keys".

      The only option I see is to follow this "rebuild it from scratch" process.



      Do we really have to do this at all?

      What (if anything) is our client currently unable to do themselves through their "Business Owner" admin accounts?

      Because these are not Adobe IDs, are they restricted?


      Can they use an ftp client to manage files?

      Can they modify all aspects of their BC site (aside from admin account removal, I guess)?


      I'm kind of hoping we can take a back-seat role without doing a full site migration... but this won't fly if they can't actually administer their site fully.