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    Can't Change Sequence Settings (Work-Around?)

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      Having the grey-ed out Sequence Settings for already created sequence has me thinking I've done a lot of work I can't recover.


      I created my sequence from some footage that was lower-frame-first (I thought all my footage was progressive). Into this LFF sequence in put in sync all my multicam footage. Call it Sync_v01.


      I created another sequence based on Sync_v01 called Edit_v01. Edit_v01 is where I did most of my actual work.


      They're both LFF (me being unaware Sync_v01 was LFF so I spread the error when I created one sequence from the other). They should have been progressive (almost all the footage is progressive). Doh!


      It is easy enough to recover Sync_v01 (LFF) into Sync_v02 (Progressive). Copy/paste.


      But I don't see how I can recover my work in Edit_v01 (LFF) into an Edit_v02 (Progressive) where I'm citing footage in Sync_v02... all the clips are still Sync_v01.


      If I could change Sequence Settings of course this would allow me to correct my mistake instantly.


      But I'm not sure I can recover my edit work at all? And I need to redo it all? Or else be stuck with LFF (incorrect) sequence setting?


      Hoping I'm missing an obvious solution here.