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    How to create custom adapter for Products and CommerceService


      Hi guys!


      First of all I wanted to say that I did search. Only relevant material I found was this http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/5-5/ecommerce/eCommerce-framework.html


      Unfortunately it doesn't go in details enough...


      I'm trying to follow geometrixx-outdoors example to create my shoppingCart. I have a list of of products in /etc/commerce/products.... referenced by productPage in content.

      But I don't know how to create custom CommerceProvider and Adapter to create proper Product objects - it always picks up geoProductImpl.


      As I understand I need to specify cq:commerceProvider to myProvider and then I need to somehow register MyProvider so it gets picked up.

      Also I guess I need to add MyProductAdapter somehow  so when shoppingCart executes following it returns my implementation instead of geoProductImpl.

      Product product = productResource.adaptTo(Product.class);


      I'd really appreciate if anyone could share an example or point me in the right direction for a guide.