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    InDesign for a research project




      I am two years into a research project (the history of the locktenders and their families on the Fox River in Wisconsin).  I have scanned photos, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, scanned items, video and audio recordings.  Someone suggested InDesign as a way to store my documents, but from what I see this doesn't seem to be appropriate.  Am I missing something?  If not, is there another product that would help me?  I am looking for ease of storage, the ability to add long captions to photos, ease of use and  the ability to share with others (museums, historical societies).  I have an article in the summer issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History.  But plans are to write a book soon after.  Help I am a novice at this!   Thank you and I will appreciate any suggestions you may have



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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign is arguably the printing industry standard for layout and design of anything from business cards, brochures to books. If you've never used InDesign before and your first project is a book with assets that are photos, excel files, word files etc, then I would suggest finding someone who is familiar with InDesign to prepare the project with you, as the learning curve for InDesign is steep.


          InDesign isn't an archive utility to store related items together - perhaps try software such as extensis portfolio.