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    meshDeform problem

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      I find sometimes meshDeform doesn't works as we expected.
      In the case a model is cloned from another cast member using cloneModelFromCastmember(), the model can't be deformed correctly. The code attached shows it. Member(1) is a member of imported w3d file. It is exported by a 3dsmax. Member(3).model[1] is a plane.
      The output resualt of the code is:
      -- 1
      -- 0
      -- 1
      -- 4
      It tell us that the deformed source model have 4 vertices and the cloned one have no vertex. Is that true?
      There is another problem of mesh deform in the project I am coding:
      When I deform a model of plane, I use pModel.meshDeform.mesh .vertexList.count to get the number of vertices. It always got 0. But if I put a breakpoint before the line and step down using "step script (F10)", It can get correct number. How can I get correct number without a breakpoint.
      I hope someone can give me help.
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          I have the same problem here..

          Please help me.
          The models are imported from Cinema 4D and cloned with clonemodelfromcastmember.
          The vertexlist.count works fine with models that have a higher vertex count, but models that have a low number, in my case 44, put a vertexlist.count of 0.

          Anyone found a solution?