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    CS6 not loading


      I had a computer problem and needed to reload CS6. However, when I try starting CS6(64bit) I get the lic splash screen, then when I click OK, it either goes away or just keeps coming back for me to hit enter.


      I have tried uninstalling, installing certificate patch. Nothing seems to work. Also, even though I can select the CS6932bit) it will not install.


      This was an upgrade from CS5 (not extended or cloud) CS5 still works, just not CS6.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We cannot know. You are not providing any system info or other details like the crash logs:


          Working with your Operating System’s Tools


          Other than that run the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool, trash the prefs, reinstall and try again.



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            magnumAL Level 1

            Well Lets see. There are no crash logs... Nothing is crashing. the program never starts.


            System info? Other than Windows 7 (x64bit) not much else needed. The link you sent for Cleaner is for Creative Suite, which as I stated in my first post does not apply for me as I only have CS6.


            The other link you posted on Working with your Operating system also does not help and does not have anything to do with my problem.

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              magnumAL Level 1

              Just thought I would pass on that I had several chat sessions with Adobe on this issue with no resolution. It is a known issue, but what causes it can be hard to find. I have posted a link below on some things Adobe had me try. For me setting up a new account did not work.


              In my case I think what happened, is I have W7 program files installed on a secondary drive. At some point my system reverted back to installing programs on my primary drive. I suspect, some certificates were not installed in the correct location. Even a new Admin account had no luck.


              However, it never hurts to refresh a computer install as I had been running several years in ths configuration. A new W7 install resovled the issue and as usual, load times are improved


              http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/software-license-agreement-reappears-click.html#m ain_WinVista7