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      I'd like to batch crop all while moving the cropped section with each file.  This is for time lapse, so it will consist of about 500 files.  I'm hoping it will give the effect of panning.  I can do this in vegas but I have to zoom and pan AFTER the file is made.  The zoom reduces the quality bad.  My thinking is that if I can do this with picture files prior to making the video, the quality will be much better.  Any help?




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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve exactly.

          Assembling an animation and then animating its position on the canvas should be possible in Photoshop, though.

          Maybe dedicated video editing software like After Effects or Premiere might be a better fit for the task.


          Also you should not assume that everybody knows what you mean by »vegas«.

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            linestretch Level 1

            Sorry, let me refine this.  I've been making time lapse videos thru the video editing software from Sony called Vegas.  But before I get there, I'm using lightroom & CS4 on the stills.  The stills consist of generally 400-800 stills.  Once the stills images are ready, I import them into the video software and make a short clip.  I have some landscape shots using a wide angle lens and would like to have the video 'pan' thru the whole sequence.  I would like to do this thru cropping the shots but the crop would have to move throughout the video.  And since it's over say 600 pictures, it would take a long time to do this manually.  I'd like to be able to batch edit this.  My thinking is that it would run something like this; open, crop, save, close - open, crop (but move the crop to the right 2 pixels), save, close.....and continue.  Then, when all these stills are put into the video editing software, it would like it's panning.


            Here's an example http://youtu.be/KH1ifQ6_elI

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Video editing is not my speacialty, so maybe you should also ask over at



              open, crop, save, close - open, crop (but move the crop to the right 2 pixels), save, close.....and continue.

              I guess this could be automated with a Script, but it would likely run pretty long and have to run as long again if any changes should prove necessary.

              Maybe someone over at


              might provide help.


              In any case I think it may be better to create an overlarge animation and then animate that.

              But I’m not sure if that would work out in CS4.