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    Coldfusion 10 Apache 2.2 Virtual Host cfgrid cfselect not populating

    RunningB Level 1

      Set up from scratch I have two conceptually identical systems, one under OS X Mountain Lion and the other under Win 7 Pro 32-bit.  Both are new installs of Coldfusion 10 and all fixes have been applied.  Both using an Apache 2.2 web-server.  Both were intended to run using a virtual host address.  To my very great surprise both systems exhibit the same issue, namely, cfgrid and cfselect objects in Flash forms do not populate and the busy cursor just spins. 


      If I don't use a virtual host address AND change the Apache config file to NOT include the vhosts file the application is fine (except of course I don't want to run it from the web root).  Once I iinclude the vhosts file (even though I'm not using the virtual host address) the application fails to load the cfgrid and cfselect boxes.  Please note that unless it's something very subtle about CF 10, I don't think there's anything wrong with the vhosts file because (a) the application runs apart from not populating the cfgrids and cfselects and (b) on other machines I'm running tis application under both OS X Mountain Lion and Win 7 Home Premium with Coldfusion 9 and Apache 2.2 with effectively identical Apache configs and have no problems.


      When I have the issue I'm seeing this sort of thing in coldfusion-out.log:

      01/30 13:07:49 [ajp-bio-8012-exec-1] ERROR internal error: expected to get a state from key [//http://ds2w.report.gpml/1824406799.mxml.cfswf]

      01/30 13:07:49 [ajp-bio-8012-exec-1] ERROR internal error: expected to get a state from key [//http://ds2w.report.gpml/CFIDE/scripts/cfform.swc.cfswf]

      ... more similar


      Admittedly there is a reference to /CFIDE/ there.  I am aware of the discussion 'Extremely simple Flash CFGrid not populating' but my attempts to follow the advice therein have not born fruit.