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    Color mode & settings for grayscale illustration to monochrome laser printer

    Parsa9 Level 1

      Is there a best setting for the mode, color settings, and color profiles when printing a grayscale vector illustration to a monochrome laser printer? I am making vector maps, and right now they are mostly black line and black text with only the K values in CMYK. There are some gray tones—for example water areas are 10% K, with no C, M or Y. Would it make any difference if I used RGB mode values at 100% (255,255,255), or a rich black in CMYK (such as 40C, 30M, 30Y, 100K)?

      I printed in K only at 1200dpi to a Generic Gray Gamma 2.2 profile, and it doesn't look too bad. There aren't many of the lines that are really jagged. I just wondered if there are better settings...

      I'm using Mac OS 10.6, Illustrator CS6, and a Brother HL-5470DW monochrome laser printer.


      Map image section: