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    HTML Gallery, metadata and image download

    Torunn Momtazi Level 1


      I find Bridge collections really useful and output to html gallery template pretty good looking as a quick way to show prospect clients themed presentations of my work. There are two issues though which I hope someone can help with, or that Adobe would change if  listening in on this.

      Whereas the html gallery template reads the metadata like description, title and filename,  metadata is being stripped from the image when image is downloaded from gallery. 

      That the image can be downloaded and that meta data is stripped from the image files are two reasons not to use what otherwise could have been an excellent product.

      I would prefer the coding of this html gallery to prevent download of individual image files and as content providers we totally rely on metadata being contained with image file. Are there ways I can change this without going to script amendements?

      If the solution should not be with adobe, could anyone suggest another product that could cater for this need?

      Many thanks in advance.