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    No products in Extension Manager




      i'm a user of the Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (13.1.2) based on the subscription service in Creative Cloud.

      As you can see, my photoshop got the latest updates.

      I wanted to install the Adobe Exchange panel and ran into a lot problems. It wasn't possible to install it over the extension manager (manifest error, because my photoshop is too "new").

      When i wanted to give up i read on Facebook, that you can install the Panel over the Adobe Application Management.

      So i did and was happy it's running finally.

      Now when i want to install "Adobe Paper Texture Pro" for example,  the panel downloads the file and starts to open the Extension Manager.

      (The extension manager is up2date too, no updates available over Appl. Mnmgt).

      The Manager opens and tries to install the extension. But then i always (with every extensions tried) got a message, that Photoshop 12.0 or 13.0 or higher is needed to install the extension.

      Huh? My photoshop version is the latest version

      The extension manager is not showing any products there. I reinstalled the extension Manager manually with the latest version of the adobe page, but this didn't help.

      I'm using Windows 7.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          Have you ever moved or renamed the installation folder of PS and other products? Please run "Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS6" from Start Menu, input "BridgeTalk.__diagnostics__;" (Two underscores, not including double quotation mark) in the Source window then click "Debug"->"Run" or press F5. Check output in the Javascript Console window. Check whether "Path" of "photoshop-60.032" or "photoshop-60.064" are consistent with actual installation path.

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            eerie2323 Level 1

            Hi,thanks for your quick response and help.

            I tried what you wrote and there was no Photoshop, only the extension manager was listed.


            I uninstalled Photoshop over the Windows Menu and reinstalled and updated it over the Application Mnmgt.

            Everything is working now