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    DAM Asset Editor Issue

    maruthid Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am facing one issue regarding the asset editor in cq 5.5 sp2.

      When I open image by browsing through the folders in DAM every thing works fine. It shows all the data below the image and image type , Publish to Scene7 link as well.

      Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.29.51 PM.png

      When I open the same image by searching it wont show image type and publish to scene7 link.


      Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.29.37 PM.png


      Problem here is for the same image it shows different views when we open it in different ways. Internally if the image type is not coming then it will take default asset editor(instead of jpeg asset editor) because of this  some of the metadata changes (custom metadta cahnges which we need) in the center page are not showing up when we open the image by searching.




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          maruthid Level 1

          It seems product bug.

          Does any one faced this issue?

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            andyshreve Level 1

            I've been struggling with this same issue on the same platform (5.5 sp2). Here is what I know so far:


            When you are browsing the DAM tree under the Digital Assets tab and open a jpg, then the asset editor retrieves a list of image-specific fields from /apps/dam/content/asseteditors/image/jpeg/formitems .


            When you use the DAM Search tab to find the jpg, then the asset editor retrieves the list of generic fields from /apps/dam/content/asseteditors/formitems .


            This issue also affects PDFs. The Digital Assets tab will use the pdf-specifc fields from  /apps/dam/content/asseteditors/application/pdf/formitems but the Search tab will use the generic fields from /apps/dam/content/asseteditors/formitems .


            In other words, the DAM Search widget isn't loading the desired fields into the asset editor. You can force the asset editor to load the correct fields by refreshing your entire browser. I may try to patch this by overlaying the DAM Search widget if I can find it.

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              andyshreve Level 1

              Adobe Daycare has said this dam search display issue is resolved with CQ 5.6.1 which will be released later this year. I didn't try to fix it with an overlay.