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    How to draw and modify double lines with Adobe Illustrator?

    RKOLE Level 1

      I need tot draw roadmaps. This should be easy using the pen tool, but my problem is that I cannot find a way to draw double lines with this tool. I have seen many fancy border styles and patterns. Some do have double or even quadruple lines, but the problem is than that they have an offset from the vector line and the space in between the two lines (the edges of the road) cannot be filled. Somewere I also found some pens called 'Double line 1.1' to 'Double line 1.6' but they also had an offset from the vector and I could not chance the size of the lines and the interval in between them independently.


      What I am looking for is a way to draw two lines in parallel and have the option tot fill the space in between with a color or even a pattern.


      The color and size of the lines should be changeable to make a distinction between several types of road.


      Is there an existing set of pencils for this purpose? It would be nice to be able to draw not only roads, but also railways and rivers!


      I am surely not the first person who needs to do this?


      I use AI version 6