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    Typographer quotes in CS6

    S. Sankar Level 1

      Hi Experts,


      We have encountered a strange problem with Typographer quotes while importing the XML content in InDesign CS6.


      All apostrophy characters are turned to straight characters instead of curly eventhough the option "Typographer quotes" was switched on in Preferences.


      However, if we are inserting the apostrophy character manually in InDesign after importing the XML content is works well.


      We don't have this issue using InDesign CS4 and it works perfectly using the similar setup.


      Could you please clarify what went wrong in InDesign CS6 for Typographer quotes?


      Here with I have attached the screen shot for your quick reference (both InDesign CS4 and CS6).




      S. Sankar





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          James Robinson

          We had a similar issue before. The issue we had was that the typographers quotes were being converted to apostophes before exported to XML (because of how web development used to be) by the server. The solution was to make sure the export did not convert the quotes and that the characters were not HTML-encoded ( ‘ and ’ ). XML requires special characters be numerically encoded or not encoded at all (as long as the character set of the file is the same as the characters). Try looking at the XML file before it is imported to see if they are being converted in the XML file before it gets into InDesign. Not sure if your issue is the same but hope it helps if it is.