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      I have been unable to play scrabble on facebook for a week now. They suggested uninstalling Adobe Flash Player and then reinstalling. I have tried and tried but cannot install it, I´ve ensured that Java is activated as they suggest, but this makes no difference. I cannot install it and getting increasingly frustrated. A friend could download it and passed me the files on a pendrive, but upon opening the file it said that it didn´t contain the necessary actions and then disappeared from the pendrive.

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

          Please let us know your operating system (Windows or Mac).

          Also, what happens when you try to install Flash Player from Adobe site (http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/)?




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            jhall2605 Level 1

            Hi Sunil,


            Thanks for replying. I´m also in the process of trying to install Chrome due to a comment in the Adobe forum, but it says that it cannot establish a connection with the proxy.


            My operating system is Windows, everything else on my internet connection works. When I try to install all seems fine until the green installation window, it downloads fine, my download window recognises the Adobe icon, but on the later window the Adobe Flash Player icon is a red cross.


            Something is blocking the installation, and I don´t know what. I´ll read your full discussion link in the meantime.


            Best regards,




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              pwillener Level 8

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