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    Samsung 840 pro SSD cache disk slow :(

    Abobedoobie Level 1

      Hello I have been using a new set up for only a few months now and my cache drive is a samsung 840 pro. I benchmarked it when I first set up and it was hitting 510 MB/s read and about 490 MB/s write. Now after filling up the drive to about half capacity via after effects (and according to crystal disk info 554GB written to it in its life) the read is still about 510 MB/s but the write is 80 - 170 MB/s ! I have tried using the samsung optimize drive (magician software) even after deleting virtually everything on the drive as well. Trim seems to be on according to crystal disk info. My set up is in raid mode (I assume ACHI is running with this?) I have 2 of these 840 pros and the OS disk is fine also my main project disk is raid 10 (4 HD's) I am in windows 8 64 bit pro. I am stumped! Thanks!

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          DaftlyPunkish Level 1

          Have you tried dumping the cache?  It may be trying to sort through too much information.

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            Jan Janowski

            1.5+ years ago, I replaced a spinning drive with Samsung 840 (Plain Vanilla 840) as a Cache and Video Database Drive, and on my SATA II system it tested 200+ R/W when new.   (Older system with CS6).  This sped up timeline operations.. and I was happy with the results.

            a year later, after moving across country and capture card update, I noticed speed problems, and after ruling out other issues, I found the speed of the 840

            had decreased to 100+ R/W, half as fast as when new.      Magician and Driver are current, by the way..

            I contacted Samsung, and they say that the Plain Vanilla 840 doesn't do a slowdown, and my reported Magician and Driver are current.  Only other versions of the 840 has the problem, and it has been addressed in driver update. The 840 doesn't do a slowdown -- Have a Nice Day!

            At another forum, it was suggested that I could fix this myself by copying all data to another drive, deleting all data on the 840, and copying it all back again....

            Didn't make any sense, but I tried it... and it worked!


            I reported this to Samsung, and they didn't answer...


            So, I REPLACED That 840 with a SanDisk Ultra II SSD...Which tests somewhat faster on my SATA II controller.....


            I have since moved the Samsung 840 to a shirt pocket external USB3/2 enclosure, where a slowdown would be masked by the USB Controller.... and it would be more rugged than a spinning hard drive....