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    Premiere Pro v6.0.3 won't accept drag & dropped files from Sony's XDCAM Browser v2.1


      Premiere Pro reports a "generic file import" error when I try to drag & drop my video files (.mxf) from Sony's XDCAM browser directly into Premiere Pro project window.  However, I can drag & drop the same file(s) directly from a file folder on my computer and I can also use the "file import" from Premiere Pro drop down menu to import the same files with no problems.


      Also, I can successfully drag & drop video files (.m2ts) from Sony's Content Management Utility into Premiere.


      But why can't I drag and drop the same files (.mxf) directly from my Sony XDCAM Browser.   It appears to me that my issue is related specifically to XDCAM Browser & the .mxf files it supports (note:  Sony's Content Management Utility does support .mxf files so I can't simply use that Utility).


      Windows 7, 64bit


      Sony XDCAM Browser v2.1





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