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    So close yet so far away....




      I'm still trying to get my game into Apple store... Last time I missed it with two month (Apple change the rules so you couldn,t get a Director application approved).

      Now Apple is changes the rules for IOS apps making impossible to get Director IOS apps approved again. But I have a month to succeed, so.....


      The game is adapted to IOS and ready to go, tried to upload it to Apple  but.... Arggg!!! Error!! The Application Loader halts saying "Applcation faild codesign verification". I have change the certificate to Distribution, and everything seems to be in place. I've messed with the Entitlements.plist files but with no success.


      So has anyone gotten passed this point, and succeeded uploading a Director IOS app to Apple? If so, please share your knowledge on the matter...


      Best Regards,

      Mr Sky

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          This is a post from an Abobe employee on the Director development team and comes from a private list:


          We observe that the ’Application failed codesign verification’ error comes when the AppIds don’t match between the provisioning file and the one mentioned in the iOS publish dialog.