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    Search for Text in Tables Returns No Results

    MH Angell Level 1

      Robohelp 8

      Webhelp Output


      Windows XP

      IE6 Plugins


      Issue:  Searches do not show text from tables.


      I use multi-column tables created in Robohelp 8 to store single word lists for easier viewing.  Published output is Webhelp and HTML help for offsite users. One item per cell. 


      When I search for an item in the list, I get no results in either Webhelp or HTML published output.  Users would conclude (from Search alone) that the word is not included in their online help.


      Suggestions?  Thanks.




      Message was edited by: MH Angell Answered my own question.  Why would a string of characters not display?  They would not display because the string is not in the project.  The table began life as an imported Word document.  Looking at the HTML shows spans between the groups of letters in the words.  I don't know why they are there.  The words were intact in the original and in the output.  No extra spaces.   However, re-keying the words eliminated the problem.