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    Next-Tech.de have you used them?

    russellsnr Level 1

      Hi, I want to upgrade CS5 photoshop to CS6 and the best price I can find is NOT here with Adobe but at Next-Tech.de

      I am trying to find out if they are an Adobe registered seller as stated on there site http://www.next-tech.de/contact-us/  but so far cannot find them on the Adobe site.

      They have or say they have outlets in Germany,UK,USA and Canada so hope someone on here has used them.

      Many Thanks


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          My employee used them one time and she was happy. But we never used after that. did you try to find review about next tech with search engines?

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            russellsnr Level 1

            Hi, Thank you for your reply.

            I did a search for Next-Tech.de reviews but not really a success.

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              Lynda Pasquire

              I used next-tech.de to purchase Photoshop CS6 upgrade. They gave me a link to the Adobe Website which failed, and after a convoluted search I downloaded files which I could not install as there was no instructions with the email.  I emailed Next Tech back and they sent me a boxed copy via UPS from the USA and I was told to use the Serial Number which they gave me in my email acknowledgement for the download.  The Software installed, launched and worked but when I tried to register, it would not recognise the serial number.  I opened a support ticket with Adobe and gave them all the details and so far they have told me that it is a Volume Licence Copy that I have and as I don't have any volume licence products on my profile the registration will not work.  I went back to Next Tech and they said they had registered it on my behalf.  I am still waiting for Adobe to come back to me with their findings.  In the meantime the software appears to work and it has updated itself.


              If Adobe hadn't tried to force us on to subscription we wouldn't be exposed to risky bucket shops who have seen the gap in the market and are exploiting it.