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    How to drop page numbers when exporting a range to pdf


      I have a multi-page InDesign document, and I am exporting multiple pdfs from the document, each of only a few pages (so, for example, page 1 becomes PDF #1, pages 2-6 become PDF #2, pages 7-10 become PDF #3, etc.).


      When exporting the pdf keeps the original page numbers (for example, PDF #2 starts with page 2 and ends with page 6). To be clear, this page numbering is not listed inside my document (as it would be if I used the Insert > Special Character > Page Number), It is strictly an issue with the metadata of the file that shows the page number. This happens under the thumbnails in the sidebar of Preview, or in Acrobat Pro (v. 10) it lists the page number on the top left (despite listing the page as 1 of 5, it says the current page is 2)


      Is there a way to export a PDF such that the first page is considered page 1 of the PDF regardless of its original page within the InDesign document?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do any of your ranges overlap? If not you could use Section and Numbering options to make a new section and restart numbering at 1 for each range. ID will complain bitterly about this, and will probably give you grief during export unless you spcify the page ranges as absolute page numbers. You can set the prefs to use absolute numbers, and that may be good enough, or you can preceed any page numbers in the dialogs with a + to designate absolute numbers.


          I suspect the latter is a better choice, but haven't tested. Specifying use of absolute page numbers in the prefs may defeat the sectioning and leave you back where you were in the PDF.