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    Uprez changes font sizes incorrectly


      A client provided me with 100 dpi Photoshop files containing text.  When I changed the file to 300 dpi, the type was slightly fuzzy.  On closer examintation, I discovered that the type that was 11 pt  was now reporting 3.7 pt after uprezing - but it was the correct new physical size.


      I opened the same file in PS 5.5 and the font size was reported correctly and was not fuzzy.


      Bug?  Operator Error?  This is all from Adobe Cloud.



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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud to the Photoshop forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Exactly how did you do the up-rezzing? The exact steps might be useful.


            Good luck,



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              davidwanderson4475 Level 1

              Greetings:  I was provided with a Photoshop file from a very old version of PS.  It was before any "CS" but I don't know what version.


              The file was 100 DPI, so I uprezed for printing to 300 DPI.  I did this in "imagesize" and updated the "resolution" to 300 pixels per inch.


              The 11 pt type used in the 100 DPI version then read at 3.7 pt type and appeared fuzzy around the edges.


              Knowing this occurred with a "old" PS file opened in CS6, I recreated the situation from scratch with the same results.


              As background, I have replicated this using Open and TT fonts.  I also can open the 100 dpi file in CS5.5 and uprez the type without issue.


              Perhaps the 6x version is treating type as a graphic during uprez?  It is still editable.  Just fuzzy and reporting an incorrect type size.

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                conroy Level 5

                If you changed the resolution by resampling, i.e. increasing the quantity of pixels:


                1. The reported size of the type should have remained as 11 pt. There can be problems with reported type size in CS6 after type has been scaled in transform mode.


                2. The type should have become larger and sharper when comparing the docs at 100% zoom.


                3. Viewing in CS6, the type may have become fuzzier when comparing the docs fitted into their windows because of differing interpolation to create equal-sized display images from different quantities of pixels.


                4. Viewing in CS5 with docs fitted into windows results in different zoom levels than in CS6, therefore the fuzziness of the displayed type can be expected to be noticeably different in each program, even when both programs have the same Cache Levels in Preferences > Performance.

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                  davidwanderson4475 Level 1

                  Hi Conroy. Thanks for your reply.  I did make sure I was viewing type in 6/5.5 at the same levels of magnification and I also printed both and the "fuzziness" of 6x was in the print as well.  That said, I understand what you mean in your #4.


                  The print outs from 5.5 were not fuzzy.  Prints from 6x are - which is what prompted this investigation in the first place, as we saw the "haloing" of the type.


                  As to your points 1 and 2, I agree.  Apparenently there are issues in transform mode as well as image size.


                  This is not a major issue, in that I rarely receive files of this type.  But, it looked like something that should be reported.