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    Update links preview help ...

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         This will sound mundaye to most, but i assure you it isn't for my work flow. Every 6 weeks, we update a file that is linked to around 1000 documents that we need to update 1 by 1 throughout the 6 weeks.


      I just upgraded from CS3 to CS6 so i am unawate if CS4 or CS5 behaved this way.


      In Cs3, when i would open a document it would be viewable in the background along with the links in the link pallettethen as image on left. in CS6 you get nothing as image on right to indicare what links!. So is there no way for us to have it this way so we know whats been updated without first hitting DONT UPDATE, then checking all the links and updating accordingly. This is a real inconvenience x 1000!




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, checking for links is now a preference item (as is whehter ID will simply do the update automatically when the file is opened).


          Second, can you explain why it would not be good to simply go ahead and update the links? Is there a reason you would want to open a file with out-of-date links still in place?

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            Thanks for replying ....

              Well without explaining my entire company lol .... We are a coupon magazine and have a server drive structure from A-Z for respective clients. We harbor about 3,500 business in those folders. Any given issue when we mail, 1000 of those need to be updated, ripped to pdf and sent to print. As you can imaging with 5 networked computers and artists, folders and files get renamed, moved, updated. So when i open an ad document i haven't seen in 5 weeks, i need to know what has changed. It could be something i was unaware of and need to make sure it's consistent with what the client signed an approval of. Correct versions of logo's. pictures ... could be anything.



            Like i said, it sounds mundane to people, but not x 1000. I need a preview of the ad and links...... so this can't be fixed?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I'm not sure what fix you are looking for. Previewing the panel isn't really helping you in CS3 to update only selected links.


              I think you should try changing the prefs to NOT check for missing or modified links when opeing files, then you can have the links panel open and see what has changed as before, but yes, at that point you have to manually step in and update the ones you want to fix. NOT fixing a modified link doesn't seem productive to me though. If the client didn't order an update, why was it modified? And further, if the link is missing or modified, it won't print or export properly.

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                Didn't mean to word it like a repair ... just a way to have it work the way it did. I really can't explain why files change they way you refered to the client not "ording a change". We have 20 Tropical Smoothie Cafes all franchised into seperate folders by address and market they mail in .... They share links between the 20 documents, so if 1 changes, they all might if they contained that links also. I just like a preview BEFORE i hit update, cause then i won't know


                Your suggestion about turning off the prefs will be an option, but i just want it to WARN of a missing link instead of relying on an artist to make sure there isnt a missing/updated one... then to find it missing during layout stage and having to fix it then.


                sorry for the confusion on why, just wanted to know if i can have it work as it has for 4 years.


                Thanks for helping!