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    Please help...

      I am trying to design a simple interface, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere!!!

      What I am trying to do:
      1. Movie clip with instance named "A" is on the main stage, with action scrip already attached to it.
      There is a button inside the movie clip. The action script attached is:

      "_root.A.onRollOver = function(){
      this._xcale = this._yscale = 135;
      _root.A.onRollOut = function(){
      this._xscale = this._yscale = 100;

      This action script assigned to the movie clip makes the movie clip enlarge in size by 135% when the mouse rolls over it, and comes back to 100% when the mouse rolls out. This seems to work fine as it is, but now I am trying to control another movie clip by this movie clip "A", specifically, I have a movie clip "B" already on the stage, with its visibility set to false with this action script:
      this._visible = false;

      This makes the movie clip "B" be insible when the movie starts. Now I want to make it so that when the mouse rolls over "A", it still functions with its action script attached, but at the same time want to make "B" become visible. This means upon mouse roll out, "B" becomes invisible again.

      Does anybody know how to do this?