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    public library books .ascm


      How to get downloaded pub.library .ascm epub bks. from downloads folder into Digital Editions?  My computer is authorized and I have successfully downloaded the books from the public library, Just can't get the books into Adobe Digital Editions to read them!

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          sjpt Level 4

          It should have associated .acsm files with ADE when ADE was installed.  If not:

          1. For some reason, ADE cannot open them using standard ctrl-o
          2. It can open them if you drag-drop from explorer
          3. It can open them if you do an 'open with' in explorer and choose digital editions
          4. and if when you do the 'open with' you choose ADE as the default program, it should do the association so it automatically opens them right in future.
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            goldbold Level 1

            Thanks, but when I set one of the books to 'open with' ADE2, I received "unable to download" "Error getting license.  License Server Communication Problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED".

            However, I just downloaded the book from my library 2 days ago, and the loan period is 2 or 3 weeks - although I don't know if that is the "request expired" that is being referred to - probably not.  When I download the epub/ascm book from the public library, I am not prompted with any questions as to Adobe ID info or such, it just downloads the file directly to my downloads folder.  I will delete them and try re-downloading the files while ADE2 is open.


            Also, IF I sort this out, and in future want to drag & drop, exactly to where do I drag the file?  Trying to drag to the Adobe Digital Editions folder or any of it's subfolders prompts an administrator permisssion ordeal from windows! 


            I am surprised to find that even the clunky process for borrowing library books for Kindle is much more straightforward than this; I had expected just the opposite.  Thank you very much for trying to help.  I just can't believe that I haven't been able to figure this out on my own and appreciate your help.

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              sjpt Level 4

              The whole Adobe DRM infrastructure is pretty user hostile; poor for computer people and terrible for its target audience of non-computer people.  Also not properly supported by Adobe because they say 'well, Digital Editions is free anyway'; not mentioning it is an essential part of their ability to make a profit by licensing their DRM.  User pressure in the music industry almost got rid of DRM: I'm sure we all (users anyway) look forward to that level of maturity in eBooks.



              Back to the actual points ... One reason that sometimes causes E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED problems is if a device (or computer) is not set to the right time zone. Double-check that.


              The initial download is a .acsm files, that is just a token and doesn't contain any book data, and is not directly associated with an AdobeID.  It is when you process the .acsm file with ADE by opening it that (if all goes well) ADE contacts the server and downloads a .epub file with appropriate DRM for the registered Adobe ID.


              Sorry, I should have said: to drag and drop you drag FROM explorer and drop TO the ADE program itself.


              I agree the process is somewhat clunky, but not too bad once it is working properly.

              1. Download from the library
              2. Double-click the downloaded .acsm file in your browser
              3. That opens ADE which downloads the .epub file and opens it for you.
              4. You can then drag in ADE Library view onto a connected eReader (if that is what you want).
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                goldbold Level 1

                Many thaks, sjpt.  You are very kind. 


                I was finally able to open these books after deleting and re-downloading them - not sure why that mattered, but it worked.


                In the past, I have read epub library loans on my Android tablet through various apps - they too have been authorized with my Adobe ID, but I would prefer reading on an e-ink device.  I guess I will have to seach out a 2nd ereader to go along with my e-ink kindles.  Do you recommend any in particular over others?  It looks like I'll be able to move these books via USB from my laptop to an e-ink device and now I wonder if they are pretty much equal in making that an easy process!


                It is frustrating to think that it is probably possible to make an e-ink reader that can handle both Kindle, EPub, pdf, Apple and all others, but they just won't make it ....... especially when any tablet can defeat their attempts at remaining exclusive via the use of various apps!  I just so prefer reading on an e-ink device.  I suppose there aren't enough of us that prefer e-ink to matter.


                Again, thank you for your help.


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                  sjpt Level 4

                  I like the Sony PRS-350 because it is small and neat (but of course, smaller screen).

                  I got my wife one and preferred it to my own Bookeen Opus (which had awkward buttons and crashed too often), so got myself a Sony too.

                  They were £30 and £23 inc postage on eBay.

                  I avoided the Kindle because of its locked down nature; in particular that you can't borrow library books in the UK with it.



                  You need to install Sony Reader to get the driver that is needed to use them with ADE, even if you don't want to run Sony Reader.

                  Won't work with ADE2.0 and Overdrive library books; however, ADE 1.7.2 seems a lot more stable than ADE2.0 and they work fine with that.