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    AME adds thick black borders to my videos.



      I've been editing HD videos for my company with Premiere Pro, and every time I export them using Media Encoder it adds these black margins all around the video. When I upload the videos to youtube, I can "enhance" them by letting YT crop them, and it comes out great, but then the 1080p option is gone, the top quality is 720.

      I don't really mind as long as there's 720, but I'm starting to make videos that are not going to youtube.

      There it becomes annoying, because we're using this really good camera (Canon EOS Rebel T4i) and using crazy big screen recordings, and well, in Premiere it's all perfect, hd and all, but when I play them after encoding it just doesn't fill the whole screen, there's always like an inch or two of just black all around the video. And as my boss said, "Why would we record so big and waste so much time in editing if it comes out like recorded with a phone?"


      I'm using MOVs, some AVI animations I make with AE, 1920*1080 16:9, 25fps and HD Anamorphic 1080 pixel aspect ratio. Exporting "same as source" F4V (Flash 9.0.r115 and higher.

      Any ideas, on what I could do to make actually HD after encoding?


      Thanks, C