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    How to scroll the stage?


      I want to divide the stage to 4-5 sections vertically or horizontally and by pressing buttons  to navigate/scrolling the stage in these  sections. Any ideas ?

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          Not sure I understand correctly : I suppose you've got a content (named "content") which is 1000 pixels wide, with a stage which is 200 pixels wide.


          Say you have a button to translate the content to the next section. You could add it a click action with code :

          var theContent = sym.$("content")

          theContent.animate({left: +=200})



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            thank you so much for your reply !

            I think this is not what I need. Let's say I have a stage ver: 2500px hor:1400px divided in four sections ex. photo, video, design, 3d animation with text,photos and symbols. I want to have a button for next/previous section while pressing them to smoth scroll/navigate the stage next/previous section.


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              I've tried

              var theContent = sym.$("Stage");

              theContent.animate({top: +400});

              and it worked almost as I needed. Unfortunately the Chrome scroll bar didn't follow the scroll up of the stage. How to deal with that;